Please Welcome MOTECH to WAYALIFE

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MoTech Yeah

I've been a Extremely Happy MoTech fan since Oct of last year ,my LS3-6L80E JK is so fun compared to the V6 that was in it.
Anyone even considering a LS swap no matter the flavor could not ask for a better Shop to deal with.
Robbie has a way with the technology that is not matched within the industry, after many conversations with all the players that do these nationwide I chose them above all the others based on those conversations and the feed back from the people that have dealt with them.
There are other installers that work with them throughout the nation that are authorized dealer installers , I have met a few of them and they have the same dedication to the product that they offer.
The LS is even more predictable to wheel with than the V6 and not as violent , you can ease into situations instead of floor-it and pray , it makes it almost like cheating .
Robbie has become a friend that I value, and I believe anyone that has dealt with him feels the same way.


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Welcome MOTECH! :thumb: funny enough, Ive been looking into your kit as well as LS3's for the past few weeks now! Super glad to see this thread and to welcome you to WAL... :yup:
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