POLL : How Much are You Planning to Spend on Your Jeep This Year?

How much are you planning to spend on your Jeep this year?

  • None - My Jeep is perfect as is

    Votes: 3 1.0%
  • $0-$200

    Votes: 10 3.2%
  • $200-$500

    Votes: 12 3.8%
  • $500-$1000

    Votes: 42 13.4%
  • $1000-$5000

    Votes: 168 53.5%
  • $5000-$10000

    Votes: 54 17.2%
  • $10000-$20000

    Votes: 10 3.2%
  • $20000-Up

    Votes: 15 4.8%

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Caught the Bug
I'd like to get some Skids and a tire carrier this year. Then need to stuff money in an envelop for D60s, bead locks, 37s, and a lift... That'll take a few years. Too many projects going on at the house competing for $$$.


New member
American Adventure Labs Highlines
Motobilt Front and Rear Inner Fender Liners
Rusty's Offroad Side Steps
LUX Rock Lights
Powerstop Z36 Extreme Performance Brake Kit
Hot Heads Headliner kit
Element E50 Fire Extinguishers
KC HiLites Cyclone Under Hood LED kit
Steer Smarts Yeti XD Sector Shaft Reinforcement Bracket
Apex AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnects
Brawlee Lift Gate LED Bar
Redline Tuning Hood Strut Kit
Freedom Winch Line
Racing Optics Windshield Defense Film
Metalcloak Undercloak Armor System
Bolt Hood Lock
Not an exhaustive list but this will be a good start!

Thank you for the opportunity Wayalife!


New member
New Tires again 37' looking into the Cooper or Nittio rear bumper need to do something with the plastic one as soon as I find one that can hold a license plate
New tires. Deciding between going with the Cooper STP Pros again or trying out the Nittos. I also want to switch my rear bumper and tire carrier.


New member
Will be adding Gobi roof rack and ARB diff covers.

Already added Terraflex 2.5" lift
Icon Alloy wheels
315/70R-17 BFG KO2's
Front Bumper with Smittybilt winch
Smittybilt heavy duty tire carrier
Tazer mini
Cobra 75 w/Firestick


Word Ninja
$10K - $20K range, which is scary to type. Already about $1,400 in on the Gladiator this year and I'm hoping to get a lift, 37's and some other stuff by the end of the year. My 2015 needs a new set of tires and it has a new 10AE hood that needs to get painted (thanks again Overlander!!). Pretty scary how quickly you can hit the $10K mark.


Caught the Bug
Here's what's planned so far
A front 1350 driveshaft
Extended brake lines
New shocks(probably Fox)
Finally a warn winch
Thanks Eddie


A lot
PR44 front axle,
PSC Big Bore steering box,
new front drive shaft,
coil springs,
all new steering linkage and new tires,
yes only 37's
My 2012 Rubicon needed it
Would like to stretch the wheelbase next.....


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I’ll be spending roughly $5-10K on my JT already spend about $3K. I have wheels, tires, lift, and sliders on the list next.
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I've already added the rear tire carrier by Maximum-3 with the Hi-Lift and Rotopax adapter, Radio mount with GMRS mobile radio and a Halon fire extinguiser. Building this Jeep for the trails in SE Colorado, but she's also my daily driver. Thanks for the chance!


Caught the Bug
Very minimal this year since we are adding 1 to the family soon. So far just $500 for swapping tires from my pickup to my Jeep + buying the 5th tire for the matching spare. Nothing else unless an emergency.


Caught the Bug
Will be needing new tires and a better Ham radio. Will be spending ridiculous amounts of money on lodging to reach out from normal areas!
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