Recall for JL & JT Clutch


What is causing the overheating? Is clamping pressure insufficient resulting in slippage?
I have no idea. It was/is a problem for the JT from the get go. Kept me from getting a manual transmission.

The JL seems to have started later, so they changed something on the JL once the JT came out.


Caught the Bug
Not a fan I take it. 😂 Not having owned any prior iteration before, I can't make any comparison. I know when I decided to purchase I wanted something different. My first vehicle was a 4sp 4cyl Ranger, so partly for nostalgia sake, and again nobody seems to drive them anymore. I don't know how they operate on a different gear set, like the Rubicon, but that was out of my budget at the time, and anything used had more miles than I cared to go in on. Thus on a Sport I can say how they have it setup is head scratching to say the least. 6th gear is there only for EPA sakes, it has nothing to it, even on the stock setup. I've since thrown on wheels and tires, and it really just collects dust now. Fifth gear was marginally better, and occasionally gets some use on semi flat interstate driving over 72mph. Basically after upgrading it's primarily a 4spd. Debatable with the Dana 30/35 whether regearing and adding an air locker is worth doing. Interest rates where they are now versus a short time ago, I'd take a bath upgrading at this point, so I enjoy puttering around to the mall and back and call it good.
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hate recallls, 2 different types the one that pay way to much time, good for the Tech, good for the customer, kinda, ones that dont pay enough and you have to completly disassemble the car. I worked for Toyota and some days it was all re did, did a lot of leaf springs and well never ever run out or 1/2 inch flat washers in my life time, rewired a lot of sliding doors, Soccer Mom;s that dont think its their job to clean out the back, even a little
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