Recommendations for floor mats and cargo liner


What seems to be the problem with the rear cargo one. Been thinking I could really use something for the rear of our 392.
At least with the wagoneer one, it’s just a touch to big and lips on the perimeter don’t match the contour well on the 3rd row seat well, so it’s like you have to push it all the way in but the edge of the Matt does contour back to accommodate the 3rd row seat pitch, it has nothing to mount to so it floats and often get pushed back to far so you can’t close the back door, which is a power door so you can’t just force it... Hopefully the JL one is better I’d assume it probably is.


Caught the Bug
Nice, Im ordering the Impact liner for my Gladiator. It looks like weather tech stuff fits really well.


the rear mat is a much better design than the 2 piece mopar, the center section is always coming apart on mine and as soon as it warms up I'm gluing it together.

I do wish weather tech would make them to fit the drain plugs, makes me wonder if there is a patent where they would have to pay mopar for a license to include those.


We got the Mopar stuff for front and 2nd row when we got our Jeep. Been pretty happy with them so far, but I've seen the Armorlite flooring in some builds, and I gotta say it look pretty good. I don't care for their cargo area setup, as it has no provision for the backs of the 2nd row seating. We have a dog (it's HIS Jeep), and dog hair is everywhere. I did pick up the Armorlite wheel well stuff and just bought and installed the Mopar cargo area liner set. I really like the seat back liner on this, but the cargo floor cover is just so-so. Once I get the Armorlite wheel well covers on, I'll see what to do about the cargo floor.
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