RINSE KIT Portable Water Sprayer System - SEMA 2022


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Oh yeah, the kits they have now are way more sophisticated than what we saw a few years back. Maybe that's a bad thing too as now, they require battery power. Although, the amount of water you can carry, the fact that they have real pressure and offer heated water is super nice. I could totally see myself wanting one for the trail.


I considered installing a heat exchange hot water system on the JK, then I woke up and remembered I don't camp enough to justify the effort lol


I’m getting one…almost got one a couple years ago when they first came out with a heater option by just plugging into the dc receptacle . Great for rinsing off the wading boots, or taking a quick shower after a couple days camping (probably not now with the cooler weather). For those of us that spend time by the ocean, rinsing off the salt for both your gear and body is appreciated…


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Awesome stuff! Thanks for the great interview!

I just ordered the Pro with the touches auto nozzle and heater.
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