Rugged Ridge Trek 8


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Since my 21 Renegade had no spare and factory wheels were over 300, picked up a RR Trek 8 for a spare on sale for 150. Cheap enough IMHO

Upgrading to 225 60r17 Falkens for hunting season.

Put it on the front to test fit and with it flush, contacted caliper frame.

Used two M12 washers behind 3 lug bolts and tightened it, looks to clear.
Didn't spin it as it was just on spare tire jack, Ebrake and left in gear... so might yet touch, minor grind to frame if so.

Looks like 5mm spacer is needed, and the hub ring sticks out about 15, so would have 10 left for the wheel....if thats within spec. I dunno.

It aint like the old days where you just got Procomp 1069s and slapped em on XJ and ZJ without worry. IMG_20220727_195436665~2.jpg
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White spots are camera flash.
I dunno how the finish will hold up being the wheels are Chinesium.

Kind of a PITA, have to buy spacers and bolt em up tight, to then check what caliper grind or fender liner interference there is.
Im not gonna wheel it, being a limited and new.

Am of the old school where you thrash beaters.
If you blow it up or flip it you just go buy another.

So this is just a gas sipper hunting/fishing rig.
The ol lady doesn't like the black wheels.

Reason enough to do a full set and use a silver factory as a spare.


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Got the Athena 5mm spacers. Makes wheel clear the caliper guard.
Bad back and shoulder, and low to ground ...I ended up putting a few scratches on the inside of my test wheel.
No biggie, sand and hit w VHT gloss and good to go. The paint on these wheels is pretty crappy, a good IPA and a fart and it'll proly chip.

I repainted a Procomp 1069 that had been oxidized. Had the crud down and Mothers polished the set, they cleaned up slightly more grey than new (had on my Lifted ZJ, and prev to that a lifted XJ). Great wheels, just had to use a lot of elbow grease twice a year.
Anyway, on a lark I wondered what they'd look like black, so degrease one.....did the etching primer and then VHT black. Then couple coats of clear.

Holy heck, when months later (was spare) I decided to remove it.............was an absolute bear.
That was a hell of a paint job!

So worst case, i can spend a weekend redoing these whenever they get to looking crappy.
FWIW a certain Jeep place has the RR Trek 8 on overstock for kinda cheap.

Be warned, the paint on em aint durable.

I'll call Jeremy at Renegade Ready and order my other set of spacers and one of those wheel helper studs so I don't scratch the others up LOL
He was very helpful when ordering my spacers (told him the wheel was for 2019 or older and mine was a 2021).

BTW...........Found a Trailhawk lifted, kinda ragged. Has diff tires front and back.....suggesting somebody didn't have much $. Which makes me question the build quailty/execution. It has a Punisher hood decal.

The ol lady said if I can get that off and put a reg one on, shed proly buy it.


Also looked at a 2022 Cherokee Trailhawk. 10 K more than what I paid for my 2021 Limted Renegade.
I dunno but 40 grand seems to be a lot for a vehicle.

Hell I thought 31 for a new Renegade was ridiculous, but I need better MPG, a warranty, 4x4 and air conditioning (medical issue).

Guess Im slave to the old days and ways, when you got a CJ cheap, fixed whatever and ran the dog chit out of it. If you blew it up, sign the title and walk away. Me and buds were of the mindset you didn't wheel nuthin worth over 5 grand.

Trailhawk or not, I aint gonna wheel anything 30 or 40 grand (or more).
I know people do, and thats their deal and more power to em.

If its paid off, no big deal.


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Factory wheels are 7" wide.
RR Trek 8 spoke is 8" w 10mm diff offset.
Tires 225 60r17 do not rub lock to lock.


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I aint gonna get too bent about it, even if I have a touch of OCD.
Its a Renegade, not an INEOS Grenadier LMAO


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Trying to look up more Jeep stuff, watch THP on Youtube (can I go west to hunt pronghorn......will the beer can hold enough gear?)
Gonna pop a Trooper Hellcat and check out roof racks I guess. Mine has dual panel sunroof. Its kinda neat blasting Slayer at night with it open, going down the highway.

But summer sucked, as even w closed and shade in got the little machine pretty warm.


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I might buy another Renegade since my kids car looks like it might be on last leg.

Have had two CJ 5- one salvaged from a frontal rollover ( prev owner wrecked ), two XJ, two ZJ, one WJ....didnt like that last one. Wont claim the ol ladys Liberty.

So yeah, why not two Renegades?
If I can score a 2017 or 18 Trailhawk decent.

Was lookin at an old full size pickup nearby and a frame off redone CJ5.
Both sold pretty quickly, for more than I thought they were worth LOL

The CJ5 would have been just a summer fun rig. And I really dont want my kid messin w one. I like em, but got about 15 yrs seat time in em.

Kid? they aint driving one on the street.


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My oldest kid drives a 4 Runner, is super cool. She and I go to Maiden shows together. Legacy of the Beast tour was pretty friggin good.

Really like her 4 Runner, it might be the perfect hunting vehicle for me. But the gas mileage, high purchase price.....aint gonna.

Having worked in the auto industry for decades.....sorry man, i see vehicles as horrible investments. Esp now. Buy something nice and a JD Byrider mofo will come along and smash into it.
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Found a lifted Trailhawk Renegade nearby. Also looked at a 2022 Trailhawk Cherokee at dealership. Not gonna fetch deer from inside the woods w anything having a payment.

Hell , even if paid off. Too much money.

Lots of new Gladiators around. Havent driven one yet. Drove a few TJs back in the day but nothing newer.

For putting around town and going hunting/ fishing nearby, I think the Renegade fine. Dont get the Jeep snobbery.

Its a Chrysler LMAO.

Now maybe if you had a Rover, 4 Runner or something along those lines....
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The BS continues LOL


Located another wheel to have full set.

May run to Tire Rack since will be nearby Sat. If not this weekend, maybe next

Get this thing ready for deer season (y)
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