SHOW us the SNOW!!


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Okay, for those of you who don't live in California or Nevada and have no idea how bad the drought in our neck of the woods has been, this might seem a little over the top but for us, the snow pack up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is where our water comes from and the more snow we can get, the better. Needless to say, it was super exciting to see some of the white stuff sticking around for the first time this winter and I can only hope to see more of it in the near future.

That being said, I want to see pics of your Jeep in the snow but the catch is, I'd like to see ones that were taken during the winter of 2015-2016. Whether it's just a trace amount of a TON of snow, I'd like to keep this thread updated with as many current pics as possible just so that we can create a record of what this winter was like.

Anyway, to kick things off, here's a shot of Pappy out in his first snow of the year.

And, here are a few shots of Renny out in his first snow ever and to kick things up a notch, out on the trail.










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Really hoping El Niño is for real and they aren't hyping up something that isn't coming. Snow pack has been pretty lackluster the last couple of years.


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While I am definitely jealous of the snow, I had my front tops off today as it was lower 70s. Taken in all the sun! It was nice.


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SHO us the SNO!!

Probably not exactly what you had in mind, but it was a wonderful sight to see on my way to the office this morning.




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SHO us the SNO!!

Man those are some awesome pics I can't wait til we get some here in NC needless to say we didn't get any snow until February of this year so maybe we will get some earlier this year


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So jealous, love the snow. Every time I see Rubicat I almost regret not getting the Dozer color.


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Got stir crazy today knowing there was all this snow up the mountains and decided to take more time off today to get up in it and have some fun. This time, we took Rubicat out into the white stuff and here are a couple of pics from the trail.

Wow. Poster worthy. :thumb:


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Wow there are some crazy looking shots in this thread! I'll be adding some around Thanksgiving when I make my trip to WV!


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Love the shots of Renny. That red is such an awesome contrast to the are going to get some pretty spectacular photos this winter.
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