UD60 wheel backspace for 37/38s


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So life changes happen, and I’m now going to be driving my JKU more often to downtown where I’ll be parking in a garage.

Currently running 40” TGs on Machete beadlocks. I’m just slightly too tall.

I am thinking of picking up another set of wheels and tires. Maybe Ridgegrapplers or something like it in the 37/38 inch range. Rather than Sell my current wheels and tires. I would rather keep them for off-road trips. I have plenty of space to store them.

looking at a nonbeadlock wheel. Anyone know what is the minimum backspacing I need for 37s on UD60s? Thanks.


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You could probably get away with as much as 5.5" with a UD60 but that would depend on 12.50 wide or 13.50. 4.5" is a more common BS though and will for sure work.
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