VIDEO : JL JOURNAL - Dynatrac EnduroSport 2" Lift Kit INSTALLATION


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Great video! Looks like it performed very well on the rubicon!

Yup, did great on the Rubicon. :yup:

Very nice video and install. I like that Dynatrac gives you a pretty nice duffle as part of their packaging. That’s like the cherry on top. Lol

The duffel bag really is a nice touch :thumb:

Great as usual, can't wait for the JL to get here!

Thank you. :)

Man that looked so easy even I could do it! Errr... I’ll still leave all the mechanical stuff up to Ray. [emoji16] Awesome video! I do have duffel bag envy. Lol [emoji38] Dynatrac sure knows out to stand out from the crowd, their line of goodies always screams quality on all fronts. [emoji1303]

LOL!! As much as I think the crate the Mopar kit comes in is cool, I like that I can actually USE the duffel bag when wheeling. At most, the crate can serve as furniture in my home and while that's cool - I'd rather be out on the trail :cool:


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Job well done indeed. I dig that duffle bag really cool [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]

Thanks and yes, the duffel bag is really cool :yup:

Great video. Thanks a lot.

Any thoughts regarding the same-length springs?
As I see it, this is the main difference between this kit and all the others, isn't it?

With all the hype about corner specific coils that's out there, I initially had some reservations about same length springs. However, my JL leaned to the driver side from the showroom floor and if anything, I can't see any lean with the Dynatrac lift. If it's there, it's very minimal and not really visible or at least to me anyway.

Looks like a pretty straightforward install...:thumb:. Can't wait to see the Rubicon Vid. I also can't wait to see that the next step is. Maybe EVO plush rides and EVO spec King 2.5's...;)

Working on the video now but it may take a few weeks to finish. Trail run videos are always harder for us to make. As far as what's next goes, not really sure but I wouldn't doubt that's in the works sooner than later. :crazyeyes:

Great install video. The teaser shots look like it’s handling the Rubicon well!

Glad you liked the video :)


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Great Video but any advice--rear axle shifted wrong way?

LOL!! Surprisingly, this install went pretty well - there was sweat but little to no cussing and any blood that was draw was too minimal to make a note of :D

Of the kits we've tested so far, Dynatrac ranks pretty high up there in terms of ride comfort and quality and even in terms of flex. If all you were going to do is run 35's, it's the prefect kit especially if your JL is a daily driver and spends most of its time on pavement. You'll need a Rubicon to clear 37's but that'll give you a really nice low COG build.

Love the video and referenced parts of it a lot in my recent install. One possible suggestion for a future vid might be how to disconnect some of the axle connectors. Some of them are far from intuitive and I ended up breaking one of the locking clips for the FAD.

I just installed the Endurosport 2" lift on my 2019 JLUR. Got exactly 2" as a result of the lift. The thing that perplexed me is that both my front and rear axles shifted to driver by more than 1/2 inch. I purchased two adjustable track bars from Rancho but was not expecting the rear axle to require a shift to passenger--will work for the front but not the rear.

Any suggestions for trackbars that can get smaller than factory length, or did I install the lift wrong (I did not think so but now I'm guessing everything). Open to other advice since I am a newbie to jeep mechanical mods. In hindsight, I should have measured it stock to know where I was before I started.
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