VIDEO : SEMA 2018 - Inside Show Coverage - PART 2


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The 2018 SEMA Show is in full swing and Cindy and I are still running around trying to capture as much as we can so that to bring the show directly to you. In this second part of our show coverage, you'll get to see and hear all about Dynatrac's new ProRock 44 front axle that's being made specifically for the Jeep JL Wrangler, see some of the cool new products that AEV is making including their JL lift and bumpers and finally, we'll show you what Rugged Ridge has got going for the JL as well. We hope you enjoy the show and we hope you'll join us again for more coverage from SEMA 2018.



Yeah, Rugged Ridge nailed it with the fender light.. And special thanks to Jim for keeping the JK relevant.. lol. Cool video stub-meister. [emoji1417]


Good to see AEV still in the Jeep game...attention to detail is their forte. That step on the rear bumper is slick, as well as the knee pads on the front bumper.

Some people make fun of my snorkel on both my Brute and Anvil...until I pop the hood and show them the air filter that still looks as clean as it was installed 4 years ago...and I don't even have the pre filter installed. On my JK6, I practically have to clean the filter after every trail run that's dusty .

The mini snorkel on the orange JL is pretty slick...


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Ok best one so far. Alot of good info and RR might have the coolest stuff so far in your coverage.


I like RR fenders, those look great!

JL prices are starting to come down out of the stratosphere too :thumb:
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