VIDEO : SEMA 2018 - Pre-Show Jeep Coverage - PART 2


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Just one more day till the 2018 SEMA Show gets underway and there's still a ton of built up featured Jeep JL Wranglers to be seen out in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center. As before, this short pre-show video will show you some of the cool and crazy things that Cindy and I got to see. We hope you enjoy.



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Cool video guys. Thanks for showing us around. Some of the new products are pretty cool and some are down right ugly, but it’s nice to see.

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Some cool stuff... I just can’t understand how guys like the huge wheels.... They ruin the whole build... These walk arounds are great!


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[emoji15] you keep touching everything [emoji23]🤣[emoji23]

Nice to see the video after seeing the pictures. It looks like you pulled an Eddie Murphy from Beverley Hills Cop walking past those super big rim Jeeps outside (laughing as you passed them up).

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Awesome video! Thanks for the coverage [emoji106]

I don’t get American Force wheels, my wife and I call them salad bowls lol don’t know where it came from but it stuck. We used to see a ton of those wheels in Florida, not too many here in Montana[emoji16]


The Rebel Offroad build looks real clean but why such big tires? 40’s aren’t big enough? How stable is that thing during heavy articulation? It’s so high in the air. Just curious...

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