WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!


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Okay, for those of you who know me well, you know that I can't stand Facebook. I mean, I really hate everything about it and try to spend as little time on it as possible. Sure, we maintain a presence there as we do travel a lot and take photos of just about everything we do and for better or for worse, it is where we've been posting most of this stuff up. Well, there and Instagram (which is a bit better) but I digress. Anyway, Cindy and I got to talking and thought, why not just start a thread for ourselves here on WAYALIFE and basically post up all the miscellaneous pics that we would otherwise post up there. If nothing else, it would make it easier for us to keep track of all the single photos we take and really have nothing to do with anything else and with any luck, maybe a few of you will even like what you see. In a nutshell that's how this new "WAYALIFE on the GO" got started - I hope you enjoy.
My Facebook has basically turned into a gateway for jeep discussion with the people I wheel with.

I think the non Jeepers that I'm friends with are slowly unfollowing me en masse. Which I'm fine with lol.

Thing is. Too many people love to post drama and political bullshit on their fb. I just want to talk about jeeps lmao.

Looking forward to seeing some cool pics and stories on here. Eddie is a great narrator and Cindy has an incredible eye behind the camera.
No Facebook for me. Got a crazy ex that does not need to know anything about where I am and what I am doing.

It was your photos and videos that led me to this place. I would love to see more of them. :thumb:

Sometime when Cindy and You have nothing else to do (yeah right) it would be real cool if you did a bit of show and tell where you would tell the kind of camera, type of lens and exposure settings.
Also some of your technics are very good, would love to hear the little tricks to get some of the good shots you come up with. I don't care if its a camera phone, if you can make it look like that then good job.

I think some of my favorites are the set of Moby at twilight/ sunset with the rock lights on. Awesome photos!
WAYALIFE on the GO!!

Great thread, subscribed! I got rid of Facef%#k over a year ago and haven't looked back, spent too much of my life on it looking at other peoples "fake lives". FYI, I love the Trucklite LEDs on Plan C, been trying to talk my brother-in-law into them for the XJ he just bought to keep miles off his JKR
We decided it was finally time to upgrade our old Spot to something a little more up to date. After doing some research we decided to pick up a Delorme InReach SE for those times when we are in the middle of nowhere :)



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