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Caught the Bug
Here is my shout out to DT. I have to say they never disappoint. Dealing with Matt was a blast but here is more. I was pricing the tires some time around Thanks Giving time but did not pull the trigger at the time so last week I write to Matt and he says prices gone up a bit since last time we spoke but hey Matt offers me to split the increase difference and in addition he will cover fifth certificate as well. I was happy to make the purchase on the spot. The problem was that Tires were not in stock and he had to call Nitto to find out the date. Next day Matt responded indicating that Nitto will fill in the order if we let them know within one hour. Matt can elaborate more on that but it seems like conversation he had with Nitto was one of a kind over his 15 years experience.
Once again I want to Thank Matt and DT to making delivery happen as it seems like there will be some delays.

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Caught the Bug
Appreciate the shout out Andy!

It was a pleasure serving you and thanks again for your continued support over the years. Enjoy the new rubber :rock:
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