What did Brown Santa show up with today..


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It wasn't brown Santa, since I went and picked them up, but I got my new to me half doors.

Many thanks to fiend for the deal. [emoji106]

Not only do they look good, I'm pretty sure the Jeep even runs better with them on[emoji16][emoji16]

It did not help it to go farther on a tank of gas though. Had to stop at a feeding trough on the way home 🤣🤣

Those look great!


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Go out for a nice coffee run with my dogs and come back to this! Some trektop glide action this morning .. maybe I can get it on before the rain all weekend!


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Finally showed up. RHD Drag link for the flip, already had the JKS track bar on. So finally installed the bracket to complete the DL flip. My new to me Rubi sway bar disco showed up too. It didn't come with the Stabilizer Bar Bushing Retainer or the Exhaust Support Isolator ( which is the rubber thing). I couldn't stop myself I had to install it anyway. Ordered up the EVO NoLimits manual and Bar Bushing Retainer along with Support Isolater. Those 2 parts add another 100 bucks to this little project. I had a thought after I installed it. Maybe fab up something like a bracket to secure it some other way. Almost $80 for that fucking bar bushing retainer. 20200424_233216.jpg 20200424_233229.jpg 20200424_233241.jpg 20200424_233259.jpg 20200424_233310.jpg 20200424_233329.jpg
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