Whiskey of the Day


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I cracked open the bottle of Kirkland small batch the other night to make Lisa a hot toddy to help with her covid. I figured I'd give it a try as well. Big bummer when I found out I couldn't taste it. Just could feel the alcohol burn. That is the worse thing about covid, can't taste or smell. Even tried to smell some Vicks, nothing...haha.
Bummer. Well, if there's an upside to this, you can now drink cheap ass whiskey, get the affects from it and without having to pay a premium 🤪


Just went down to my local Cheveron to get my propane tank filled. They have a great selection of beer and spirits. Looking at their top top top shelf whiskey they had a bottle of John Walker and Sons Bicentenary blend aged 28 years. The price tag on it was a cool $1300. They also had a couple other bottles starting at $5k. All down at my corner gas station...haha.
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