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To help drum up the great news that Strike Force Zebra is just about ready to release their highly anticipated and much desired half door uppers, they will be giving away a pair of their awesome JK front lower half doors to one very lucky member here on WAYALIFE! Of course, if the WINNER in question has a 4-door JKU, Strike Force Zebra will also offer to sell a pair of rear half doors at a discounted price to help complete the set.

Want a set of Strike Force Zebra half doors now? Buy a set and if you WIN the giveaway, Strike Force Zebra will refund what you paid for them! :cool:

This Giveaway is valued at

• You need to be a registered member of
• You need to make (1) ONE POST ONLY on this thread.
• You need to include a photo of your Jeep with a WAYALIFE decal on it.
• You need to post your response on or before 12:00 MIDNIGHT-PST, Sunday, July 9, 2017.
• (1) ONE member will be selected at random to win this prize between the hours of 5:00 and 7:00 PM-PST, Monday, July 10, 2017. A Private Message will be sent to the member in question and an announcement will be made in an official thread posted in this forum:


• To claim the prize, the selected member WILL BE REQUIRED to log on to and will have a total of 5 minutes to post a response in the official announcement thread. Once the official announcement thread is created, NO other member will be allowed to post in it except for the member selected to win the prize. IF the selected winner is not present or fails to post a response on the official announcement thread within the 5 minute time frame, a new winner will be selected and announced accordingly. This process will be repeated until a winner is present to claim the prize.
• If the winner is located outside of the lower 48 United States, they will be required to pay for ALL shipping costs and tariffs.
• reserves the unconditional right to make changes to any and all forum Rules and/or Guidelines, including those created for special events and/or giveaways, at any time and without any prior notice. also reserves the unconditional right to determine the winner of this giveaway and, if deemed necessary by in its sole discretion, to cancel the giveaway at any time.
• There is NO cost and NO minimum post count required in order to enter this giveaway. Manufacturers and vendors may not enter into this giveaway and will not be eligible to win.
• Multiple posts in this official registration thread will disqualify you from the drawing.
• Entering this giveaway under multiple user accounts will result in the termination of ALL your accounts.
• You MUST be 18 years or older to win.


From Strike Force Zebra:
These Jeep Wrangler Half Doors from Strike Force Zebra are Made in the USA. See the features of our Jeep half doors and you'll understand why more Jeep owners pick Strike Force Zebra Jeep half doors on their rides. Jeep owners are a breed that stands alone, takes life by the neck and shakes all the adventure that if has to offer, this may be one of the reasons that our Jeep Wrangler half doors attract so many Jeep owners. Installing the JK half doors on your Wrangler JK (2 door model) gives you the open freedom that only Jeep owners really understand.

Our Jeep half doors give you more than just a great look and open feel, these thermal plastic half doors reduce the weight on your Wrangler JK by close to 200 lbs. We've constructed the half doors to be durable and impact resistant. The handles are easy to reach and armrests are built right into the doors. You get plenty of storage inside the door for maps, ties downs, tow ropes or other treasures and tools you need at your side.

• Made in America
• Fully assembled and ready to install (may require slight adjustment of hinges for fit)
• Less then 1/3rd the weight of your factory doors - saves nearly 200 lbs. on four doors
• Thermal plastic one piece design
• Armrest built into the front doors
• Durable - UV protected
• OEM hinge style
• Impact resistant
• Mirror mounts in OEM location
• Ample Storage inside the door for tow ropes, tie downs, maps, etc.
• Easy to reach handles inside
• Lockable handles outside
• Includes weather stripping which reduces water leakage at the door jam and lessens door rattle
• Reduced wind noise
• Mirrors are NOT included​

For more information about Strike Force Zebra and the products they make, please visit their website at:

Of course, they are also active members here on WAYALIFE and you can always reach out to them in their dedicated sub-forum here:
Strike Force Zebra on WAYALIFE



That dude from Mississippi
Awesome! I've been following Strike Force Zebra, and these doors look very cool. Thanks Strike Force Zebra, for your support of this forum, and thank you Eddie & Cindy!


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Awesome! Glad to see sfz being a part of the forums. Hope everyone is having a great early summer. Haven't been around much. Work and life events have relegated me to mall crawler status for the last few months. These doors would make my summer. Good luck to everyone and thanks for the awesome giveaway.

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I have a set rugged ridge half doors now but my first choice was going to be SFZ but wanted some uppers. But now....
Thanks SFZ and Wayalife for the opportunity for someone to get a sweet deal!
Good luck to everyone!

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Thank you Strike Force Zebra for the awesome giveaway! I'll likely be picking up a set regardless of the winner here! Also, thank you to Cindy and Eddie for another fantastic opportunity.

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I don't enter every give away but I would really enjoy the half doors. They look so well built and made in USA [emoji631]. Thank you for the chance to win

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