WOOHOO - FaceBook Instagram WhatsApp Outage!


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Amen to that.

Oh, and I'm sure it's just a coincidence and has nothing to do with that 'whistleblower' thing that was all over the news earlier recently.
I've been busy working all day but I heard some talk about these sights being down. My first thought was what are they trying to silence.


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I’m all for Facebook going away. However I do enjoy scrolling Instagram for Jeep pics…
Oh well I suppose I’ll just be more productive at work 🤪


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It was all about censorship the whole time. Didn't see this coming :rolleyes:

The 'powers that be' couldn't shut down free speech legally in this country so instead they just went with monopolistic social media companies I guess. So glad I don't have a Facebook account. Of course, I would have been kicked off years ago anyways.

Let's Go Brandon!
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