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Thread: FIRST TIME : Lifted Jeep Renegade Trailhawk & Stock JK Rubicon on the Rocks

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllAmericanInfidel View Post
    Awesome, thanks Eddie! We all really appreciate all of the awesome opportunities you provide to us here on WAYALIFE! Great way to start off a new week!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post

    Wow, how the hell did you get to go to the FCA introduction?? I personally know the senior designer of Jeep and other top officials and I never get invited to their events. As far as the magazine guys go, I think it's clear they really don't care much for the Renegade and never gave it a fair shake OR, they just suck as drivers.

    Actually I was fortunate enough to work the pre-intro setting up the site. They wanted a course in the hills it could handle and we were given one to use. I then worked on the course during the event keeping an eye on the magazine staffers. It does take a little getting used to. Keeping the throttle on keeping the traction control working is definitely different than most people are used to in a truck or Jeep.
    A friend of a friend got me on the staff to help.

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    Your videos have my girlfriend saying her next vehicle will be a Renegade!

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    FIRST TIME : Lifted Jeep Renegade Trailhawk & Stock JK Rubicon on the Rocks

    Thanks for sharing that video Eddie! We followed your lead and used it as the test ground today for my son to off-road his newly inherited JKU.

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