View Poll Results: Will You Buy a New JL Wrangler?

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  • HELL YES!! Take my old JK and my money - I want one NOW!!

    3 3.33%
  • Yes - I'm looking forward to buying one and will add it to the stable.

    22 24.44%
  • Yes - This will be my first and I've been waiting for something like the JL to come out.

    3 3.33%
  • NO WAY IN HELL!! I am not impressed with what I'm seeing and I'm keeping what I've got!

    27 30.00%
  • No - The JL Wrangler is just too much like the JK I already have.

    29 32.22%
  • No - I've been wanting a Wrangler but I think I will just buy a JK.

    6 6.67%
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Thread: Will You Buy a New JL Wrangler?

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    #2, probably wait until the 2nd year of production so any bugs will be mostly worked out. I will be keeping my 2008 JK for a long time. I'm hoping to have a big enough garage to keep them all in by 2018.

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    Probably not. My plan now is to do an LS swap once the 3.6 gets enough wear. I'd rather put my money towards that than a new JL that I'd have to start all over with. I think the JK will have the same kind of appeal that the 92-97 OBS Ford trucks have had anyways.

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    #5... i dont feel like its a drastic enough change to loose the upgrades ive already installed and paid for.

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    I'll stick with my 2008 since I already pour too much $ as spent way too much to start over.

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    I'm itching for the new JL truck they are promising. And hopefully with an ecodiesel! Not sure I'll be able to swing that and keep my JK though. After renting a Renegade and seeing the video Renegade on the rocks, I see one of those in our near future as well

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    Will You Buy a New JL Wrangler?

    I guess I'm conflicted, so part (1) and part (6). I just flipped my 1-mo old Willys for a HR, so the JL is really going to have to blow me away to trade.

    So my answer is it depends on what it really looks like and if we get the diesel option. What would it take for me to go all "take my money" on them? If they made either a Defender 110-sized wagon (like their recent safari concept) or a 4-dr extended bed pickup model (and a military-style, optional roll cage and canvas tarp over the bed would have me seeing stars, but this could be something the aftermarket industry comes up with for any JL pickup). If all they release are replacements for the JK/JKU, then the diesel would be my only draw, and I'm not yet sure that's enough for a first model buy-up.

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    Wait the interior and comodities

    i waiting, to interior looks.

    and real specs for Axles.
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    Keeping my 2010 modified Rubi and probably add a corvette to the stable instead.

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    2..... Add build repeat. He who dies with the most toys, wins!

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    #4 - I do not see how these modifications will make the JL any more off-road worthy. I guess when we lift or modify our Jeeps, we are really going against what the engineers intended. With that being said, I suspect that these new versions will simply be something to appeal to a larger on-road crowd and likely reduce the ability to further modify in the future for our purposes on this forum. Let's face it, what we do to our Jeeps is not normal and no where near what most people use their Jeeps for. Just my two cents.
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