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Thank you very much Snboarder113- i know it sounds crazy but i really like the look of the MT. And regarding treadlife, if i can get 2 years out of them, i would be amazed- dont think i have ever gone more than 14 months in a vehicle without changing out shoes. also we have snow half of the year so the spaced out lugs, from what i understand, would track well in snow. its food for thought though. i'm still looking at my options. much appreciate your time sir.
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I live in Michigan so i can attest to the tread in snow. And while itís the best MT Iíve ever tried in snow. It still doesnít hold a candle to something like a duratrac. Good luck with whatever you end up with.

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I have to agree here. When I lived in the mountains I had the Cooper STT Pro on my Jeep and Duratracs on my Dodge (2001, open diffs, no traction control, v8) at the same time. I took my truck everywhere once the snow came around the Duratracs just hooked up so much better.

That being said: the Cooper STT Pro was by far the best MT I have ran in all conditions.

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