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Thread: Synthetic vs. Steel Winch Line

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    I had a steel cable on my old jeep and it eventually started to fray and I kept getting stabbed in the hands (the gloves I had were not very good). But when I learned about the rope and that it can handle it I switched. I feel like it's mainly a preference thing as stated above, there are pros and cons of each.

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    If you winch over a lot of rock or rough surface, then cable might be a better bet as winch rope is susceptible to abrasion damage. I have a sliding dyneema sheath about 4" long on my rope to run out to any place the rope has to run over something that might damage it. Rope also should really be covered on the winch drum while not in use, to prevent UV degradation of the material.
    I prefer rope to cable as its lighter, stronger and safer in the even of something letting go.
    There is definitely a case for running either cable or rope...... if I was doing a lot of winching on a regular basis, though rocky areas.....I'd have cable on mine.
    But, the truth is that I bought my winch for the occasional "damn, I'm really stuck" rope is a great choice for me.

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    I have heard horror stories of steel snapping and it recoiling back into the jeep. I heard the synthetic doesn't do that, so I went with it.

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    I run steel cable because that's what came on the winch and I'm too lazy and cheap to change it out.
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    Do you use Steel or Synthetic Winch line and why? Pros and Cons for each, ple...

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    I run synthetic line. Read too many horror stories of steel cable snapping and causing damage and or injury. Plus when I bought my winch I had never used one. I figured that it would be safer to learn on something that won't cut my leg off if I do something wrong. Also, I live in a salt state. The less metal I have to worry about rusting, the better.

    Oh, almost forgot blue winch line looks really cool (imho) :-p
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    Synthetic, less weight more safe!!!!!
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    Synthetic. Safer, easier to handle and lighter.

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    I want to switch mine out but I have been running rope on my ATV winch for a long time and it broke on me once it just fell strait down. From my own experience rope is safer.

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    A pro of rope is it can easily lay on top of each other on the drum.

    A pro of steel is you don't have to worry about branches etc.

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