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Thread: VIDEO : CODE 3 Desert Pursuit - JK-8 Off-Road Police Interceptor vs. Moby

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    VIDEO : CODE 3 Desert Pursuit - JK-8 Off-Road Police Interceptor vs. Moby

    As some of you may know, our good friend Chris (piginajeep on WAYALIFE) worked with Fishbone Offroad to build up his Jeep JK-8 and do so to help them show off their products at the 2017 SEMA Show. To help make things more interesting, they gave it a flat black wrap, loaded it up with flashing lights, sirens and an on-board computer and effectively made it into an Off-Road Police Pursuit Vehicle. On a recent trip out to the Mojave Desert with a few of our good friends, Cindy and I thought it might be fun to do a little role playing and film Moby being chased by Chris' JK-8, complete with lights flashing and sirens blaring. Sure, it's a little silly but here's a short clip of what we came up with - we hope you enjoy.

    I should note that all the work that went into making the JK-8 into an Off-Road Police Pursuit Jeep was made possible by CODE 3 IT & System Integration. This is the company that Chris and his wife Jen own. All the wiring and equipment made by companies such as Federal Signal and Airel were installed by them.

    Special Thanks goes to our good friend Tony (JeepFan) for being our official dispatcher.

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    That was awesome!! Cops and robbers with big boy toys, love it!!!

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    Very cool! Nicely done and fun to watch! That shot from inside the code 3 rig with the dust Moby is kicking up is badass!

    Ain’t funny meow is it?

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    VIDEO : CODE 3 Desert Pursuit - JK-8 Off-Road Police Interceptor vs. Moby

    Holly shit, this is awesome. It is silly but totally worth it. That high speed suspension travel is a real killer!
    Was Moby given a ticket
    Also are the lights and sirens street legal yeah I know I know

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    That was so fun to watch. Well done!

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    Haha spread-em! Cool video, looked like a fun shoot!
    '14 JKUR

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    VIDEO : CODE 3 Desert Pursuit - JK-8 Off-Road Police Interceptor vs. Moby

    Cool video! Love watching the suspension work!

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    That's awesome!

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    So FUN. What a blast.

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    That is awesome! Great job filming that. How fast was Moby going at the height of the chase?
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