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Thread: JL-EXPERIENCE : REUNION - PART 4 | Cinder Hills to the Grand Canyon

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    Awesome job! Crazy about the power loss. I’m sure There’s a programmer company trying to figure it out as we type here.

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    Fantastic series, wonderful job. Thanks for making these!

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    For the umpteenth time, and not the last, AWESOME VIDEO!

    Eddie, which engines were the guys running? What was the setup on the ones that lost power? I know Jeep will resolve it but just wondering.

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    Just finished watching and enjoyed every second of it. I want to mention once again the details an attention you give to the soundtracks
    Eddie I noticed on your hood the windshield bump rests have some covers or something, like sand color or so unless I am hallucinating

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    A very well done wrap up to what looks to have been yet another amazing trip! I do love northern AZ and need to get up that way for some trails. Great job as always!

    Side question - Is it your mic, aftermarket exhaust or just different OE exhaust on the JL’s vs JK’s that give them that growl heard while hill climbing? It sounds great to me!

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    Overall "build thread"

    DIY trail/tube door build
    2013 JKU Sport "Spider" with some EVO goodies and a chop here and there

    DIY trail/tube door build

    Overall "build thread"

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    Very awesome! Great scenery in part 4, definitely some cool spots along the way. Alex and I want to go to the grand canyon, and Zion, hopefully sooner than later! Thanks for sharing everything as always!

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    Great series - great cinematography as always, Cindy I love seeing the early stages of the new JL unfold - these are the pathfinder jeeps and manufacturers out there figuring out all the new quirks and limits on the new platform - cheers to y'all and continued R&D success.
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    Just finished up watching. Great ending to a great series! Thanks for the awesome coverage as usual!

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    Another amazing video. They get better all the time. I love how you make it feel like we are kinda on the trip with you.

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    Great video as usual. The way you two tell the story. Looks like a great time. Thank you for sharing

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