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Thread: JL-EXPERIENCE : REUNION - PART 4 | Cinder Hills to the Grand Canyon

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    Quote Originally Posted by popcorn View Post
    I have watched all of your videos
    Your channel alerted me 1st to the problem of loss of power
    In your earlier video you lost power in Automatic Mode while hill climbing and the work around was starting out in a gear in manual.Like I said a work around
    I know you have said FCA is working on a fix so if it isn’t electronics causing loss of power in hill climbing I guess we will have to wait for the fix.
    Sorry if I offended you it certainly was not my intention
    The Tazer can turn off a LOT of computer related functions but the engine communicating with the transmission isn't one of them or at least, so far as I know. Again, I have spoken with friends of mine at FCA about this and if you really have seen all our videos, you know they are people in all the right places. THEY know this is an issue and if it really was something as simple as plugging in a Tazer and turning something off, they would be the kind of people who'd tell me as much. Hell, one of them specifically recommended the Tazer to me right when it came out. Now, if you've seen something on YouTube that says otherwise, you're more than welcome to believe whatever they say. Clearly, they may be more of an expert than I could ever hope to be.

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    Sorry... had to.

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