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Thread: VIDEO : PPE N95 - A Picture Perfect Excursion along Nevada 95 / Old Mojave Road

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    VIDEO : PPE N95 - A Picture Perfect Excursion along Nevada 95 / Old Mojave Road

    Unlike so many of the old US Highway Routes that have been removed or replaced by modern Interstates over the years, 95 in the state of Nevada has continued to survive the test of time and mainly because so much of its route is so rural. In fact, there are so few towns or at least, populated ones lining its almost 650 mile length, that travelers would be wise to plan ahead for well needed gas stops along the way. And, it’s for this reason that any time we get to spend time on or around it, it’s almost always a PPE N95 - a Picture Perfect Excursion along Nevada 95!

    Needless to say, this is the 2nd episode in our #ESSENTIALTRAVEL Series and in it, you'll get to see the PPE we recently got to enjoy in our Jeep JT Gladiator and down at the southern most point of Nevada. In addition to being close to Laughlin, a great jump off point if you're not from the area especially being that they have a lot of nice hotel/casinos such as Don Laughlin's Riverside, Aquarius, Tropicana Express, Edgewater, Colorado Belle, Golden Nugget, Harrah's, Avi and more, the main reason why we decided to start here is because it’s also the location of where another famous and historic highway begins, the Old Mojave Road. Of course, being that this was just an "excursion", as in, a short trip made for the purpose of pleasure, you'll just get a taste of what can be seen out there and it is our hope that you'll be inspired enough by it to get out there in your Jeep and see it for yourself. We hope you enjoy.

    If you enjoyed this video, Cindy and I would be grateful if you could please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel!

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    Cool History... That pup is so damn cute.

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    Such amazing country out there! Love the video.

    Keep’m coming!

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    Great video. It is amazing how much life is found around desert water holes.

    The puppy pool video was a special treat, reminds me how much my dog loved his pool.

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    Perfect timing. Just about to head back to work after a couple months off. Looking forward to this series big time. Pup is pretty much the reason we’re all going to watch now... just sayin

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    I had no idea the N95 had that much history. Informative and cool. I dig the music. Yeah, you were in the right spot for sure. ! X X X X

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    That's a great video right there.

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    The intro reminded way too much of roadrunner and wil.e. coyote videos.

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    Love the history lesson. Thanks for sharing!

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