2018 SEMA DennisDillonJeep Black Wrapped Wrangler Unlimited


Guy with a Red 2-Door
Those control arms are just fucked, and that axle being pushed forward like that!? Good god!


Just can’t find anything that they did that I like! The front grill and bumper setup makes me think that they crossed a Jeep with a bug eyed sprite and this was the result!
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that's just wrong on so many levels.:naw:

I don't think they have enough slant on the sway bar links. they should try a 4 piece triangulated sway bar link.


Caught the Bug
While they have killer prices on new jeeps, if this is an example of what the service department can do for customization, no way in hell would they touch anything of mine.


That's what you get when you give a 16 year old kid a blank check and say "build what you want".

Only one word.....FUGLY, okay, that's two words.
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