Duck left on my door handle


Like others mentioned I’m not big on the duck thing either. But I got ducked in my driveway a couple months ago and my son has been searching ever since for a Jeep worthy of getting that duck. He finally found one yesterday. He’s 5 and thinks it’s awesome so that puts a smile on my face.
So, after 2-1/2 years...I get my first damned duck.

I know you guys aren't big on the whole duck thing, really neither am I.

But to me this was funny, took my Mom in for ultra sound on her legs. Come out and I see the duck on my rear flare. Had to explain the whole thing to Mom and she said "How Gay".

Here's the kicker, I got a white, unicorn, rainbow tail and mane duck. 🤪
My Jeep got ducked in Roswell. I imagine it was done by humans rather than an alien. It is a cute yellow duck so I put it up on my dash.

On the negative side, I think they scratched the paint a bit while jamming it into the door handle. I have keyless entry so not likely due to me.


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We officially got ducked for the first time the other's a cool halloween duck...too bad wife was at the store and i was at home hehehe

Got Ducked.jpg


I’ve only got ducked one time living in CA but when I lived in Tennessee it happened several times. Once I was coming out of a grocery store and I saw a sweet little girl walking away from my jeep with the biggest smile on her face. As I got closer I noticed the duck on the handle. Made me smile. My wife and daughter like them so they’re on the dash. I mean, it’s no minivan but I try.
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