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If you let someone inside your OODA Loop because they didn’t use the blinker, sell your car and buy a bus pass.


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I drive seven miles on the interstate as part of my daily commute. This morning I had to pass 4 different cars that were parked in the left lane. There was very little traffic and most of it is 4 lanes wide.


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Feds are right now considering requiring speed limiters on every commercial truck on the highway. Much pushback by owner-ops, like me but, that doesn't usually matter.
I once was traveling westbound on I-74 in a remote area with cruise set at 65. Me, in the right lane, eating lunch. Schneider company truck slowly caught up and attempted to pass. Since no one else was around, I thought I would see just how long this dumb ass would stay in his attempt. 14 MILES LATER, a car was coming up behind and I grew tired of him wallowing beside me so I ended the test.
Speed limiters are unsafe and extremely annoying.


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In Nevada, where the posted speed limit is 80 MPH, there are signs that specifically state, "Slower Traffic Keep Right" and "Keep Right Except to Pass". Clearly, these signs and the words on them are written in a mystery language foreign to CALIFORNIANS as whenever I drive on I-80, they do the EXACT OPPOSITE. And I do mean ALWAYS and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!! Fortunately, the highway is typically pretty empty on a weekday afternoon and so it's easy to go around them but WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK is wrong with these people?? Even guys pulling trailers were in the fast lane and I know they aren't supposed to be in the state they came from.


Seems they at least remembered to keep it at about 55 MPH though :rolleyes:


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I've been known to pass them in the slow lane, get in the left lane, then lower my speed enough to force them to go in the right lane, in order for them to maintain their speed. Most of the time, I've noticed that they took the hint, at least as long as I was in their sight.

I will say that I've travelled more than a few section of interstate, in several states, where I would always try to stay in the fast lane, if not blocking faster traffic, because of the poor condition of the right lane. I don't get too bothered about that, as we ALL value the condition of our tires, wheels, and suspension.
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