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Caught the Bug
So, we saw this today 🙄

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Not like we could trademark the saying or anything but it sure is lame of this dealership to flat out rip off our tag line.

You may or may not be able to trademark that sentence exactly, but have you looked into registering the trademark for Wayalife?…I believe that’s very doable…

I was thinking what Brute said. I also believe their is a “usage” clause. Dont quote me on the exact name. But essentially if you can provide proof of usage, you don’t need an actual TM to claim rights. I’d have to think with all your previous sites and vids, you’d have plenty of usage examples going way the fuck back.

Maybe not worth a true legal hassle. But a letter to the dealer of a cease request or you may pursue legal action would be possibly fun enough for the few minutes of your time. ??
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