What did you name your Jeep?

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LUCILLE or sometimes I call it. I hate this piece of shit.
I had a named her after on of my Great Aunt. She was a mean ole Bitch. [emoji41]


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What did you name your jeep

I named my 1953 M38A1 "Bandoola", after the elephant featured in the books, "Elephant Bill" and "Bandoola". True stories of the exploits of elephants in Burma just prior to WWII. Great reads if you are a fan of elephants.



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My girl is "Night Witch". It kind of goes with the Punk'n color and is a WW2 historical reference and my favorite song also.


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I am not yet smart enough to come up with a name for my Jeep. Maybe when it has more interesting/memorable experience I will be smart enough.


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I have two Jeeps.

They both came from the factory with names.

The Renegade: Trailhawk

The Wrangler: 80th Anniversary Edition
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