What did you name your Jeep?


My Renegade is a grocery getter. Todays dollar doesnt go as far.
W a Renegade the small cargo area makes me look rich all fillled up LOL
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oh Henry

Not lame at all. Your jeep is what you want it to be both in name and look. That's what's cool about jeeps. Was over in Ouray yesterday at the pool with the kids and saw so many jeeps. They each looked different and interesting in their own way including many with names.

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I agree. (y) (y)


Liked the Renegade but first deer hunting trip and my stuff filled it up.
So.......its gone, got a Trailhawk Cherokee instead. Way more room.

The ol lady is looking at a Trailhawk Renegade or Trailhawk Cherokee.
And she doesn't wheel.


Renegades are fun to drive, but IMHO so small as to be a 2nd vehicle. Not primary.
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