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    ATX Bolt size

    Hey fellow jeepers, I was just curious as I have to change out my ATX beadlock bolts as they rusted due to the weather up here. I'm going to swap them out for Stainless steel bolts but, My question is are they 3/8-16NC x 1"3/8 of thread? as with my tap kit it appears to be 3/8 - 16NC but...
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    Rear D44 mishap...

    Well we're riding through a normal trail we do around here, and my pals Rear D44.. twists.. the roset welds on it broke.. all the suspension geometry stayed true and the yoke hit the floor. Well enough talk here are some pictures.. So anyways.. To make the day more interesting.. I'd told...
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    Started my Wiring project to get rid of the nasty birds nest under the hood... rest will be finished when I get home next week. And the Nasty Birds nest...looking forward to having a clean battery again...
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    TeraFlex Long Arm Bracket Break

    This happened to one of my riding pals this winter... forgot to post it up.. the thread re-surfacing reminded me.
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    Made sure everything was articulating properly... and finally realized why EVO puts their front upper arms the other way... very smart!
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    Question defect TL 7"

    I have the headlights on my 2012 jku, and yesterday one of them just stopped working on me. So today I took appart all the connections ( not the light) and made sure they were proper (no rust), still no go, so than I took off my driver side one which still works, plugged it in on the passenger...
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    New Genright JKU cage vs EVO full cage?

    My friends jeep after someone cut him off doing 60mph on a freeway stock cage... I've been patiently waiting the release of the genright cage since they first talked about it... and yet I'm still going to wait to see how it is actually built from pictures from other people.
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    Installed my poison spyder flares... and added an extension to them made of plastique to be street legal here. :grayno: BTW I'm on a 4" DD long arm... any body else have issues with rubbing with tube fenders (I have PS 3" wide in the front and it rubs I'm going to a shop tomorrow to cycle the...
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    New rigid lights SRM lights on the Evo fascia, New bikini top
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    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    This was waiting for me at the hotel front desk when I arrived earlier... Thank you Drew for the extra goodies!
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    EVO Rear Bolt On

    Guys how far back does it move the swaybar? I think you guys just informed me that I can't install this on my jeep :crazy_eyes: Unless I shim it down lower than my air system.. (pre lift new lift kit picture)
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    Aftermarket product paint jobs...

    Ok... if you want to play that game, My entire truck is EVO'd I have EVO written on my truck in 4 places...I support that shop to the maximum, and these are real EVO sliders... As for the welding, he had only welded his on the bottom two corners and bolted through the frame. he was afraid to...
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    Aftermarket product paint jobs...

    My friend bought his EVO sliders, skins and had them installed last year.. they went through one winter in Quebec... and they look like this... Now... I'm not bitching against EVO at all.. JUST saying please look at where you live and consider ordering your stuff bare and getting it painted...
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    PSC Steering kit

    Found it, hope you don't mind me re-posting it here.
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    Hi-Lift mounting?

    I've posted this picture before when I had finished my tire carrier, but I've had my highlift mounted there since I bought my 60". It fits with both soft and hard tops. The highlift itself is mounted to the roll bar using the Highlift pipe brackets.
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