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Thread: Funny or Strange Jeep Compliments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Wall View Post
    You can't make a comment like that and then not tell the story!
    True. So here goes.

    I was maybe 10 minutes from my house and I noticed that a cop had been following me for the better part of ten minutes. I wen't to turn and he lit me up, so I pulled off to the side of the road. He came up to the window and asked if I knew why he pulled me over. Obviously I didn't so I said no, and he said that my tag was registered to a silver Grand Cherokee but it was mounted on a silver Land Cruiser So he asks me to step out of the vehicle and he's questioning me the whole time that he's waiting for backup to get there. So the other unit arrives and he starts questioning me. And the whole time I'm telling them that yes, it is in fact a Jeep. The backup unit goes "actually I think it might be one of those newish hummers, don't they have the spare tire on the backs?" To which the other one responded "No you must be thinking of an Pathfinder those have spare tires, just like Land Cruisers do". Finally I intervened and asked, "which manufacture makes the Grand Cherokee", to which they both replied with, "Jeep". So I told them to check what the badge on the doors said, then to check the steering wheel, and badge on the hood. I had to verify the VIN number for them to let me go. They thought that I had put Jeep badges and steering wheel in a Land Cruiser

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notajerryskid View Post
    Our son has ridden doorless in the jeep since he was a little over a year old. When people see us on the highway they always stare. So we thought him to throw up the peace sign!!! Funny as hell to see a two year old in a open jeep with sunglasses on throwing up the duces!
    Gonna teach my boy that one.

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    I've had my Evo stinger for about 2 months now and it looks awesome.

    I go to dinner with the girl I've been dating and she notices the stinger and says "why does your Jeep have braces now?"

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    For some odd reason i keep getting compliments (i guess you can call them compliments) that i have a pretty jeep. most of which have all been guys

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    The morning after I bought my Jeep, on my way to work, was when I got my first compliment.
    A cop was stopped next to me at a traffic signal and he motioned for me to roll down the window.
    He asked me a few questions about it, said it was pretty cool, and to have fun with it!

    Another time, while dropping my kids off at school one morning, I noticed a kindergarten or first grade aged kid eyeing it up as he walked past.
    The next morning he stopped and said cool Jeep dude!

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