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Thread: 2018 WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run HIGHLIGHTS

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    Kingman Az
    That was a totally great day wheeling and no better bunch of people to do it with, we gave up on the wind when we got to town so headed to our room
    You all have safe trips home

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    Thank you Cindie & Eddie for letting us join your run. Was awesome to meet every single one of you. Loved the trip. Can’t wait till can do it again.

    Time to pack up and make our decent back home, I have to go back to work tonight... blah. But was hella worth it, thank you again everyone your all amazing guys/gals. Till next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrailHunter View Post
    That’s cool! What app is that?
    Gaia GPS

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    Thank You Eddie and Cindy that was an amazing trip and had lots of fun, had to stop a couple times, one was for my rear drive shaft boot and the other was for my trailer harness, it truly is a jeep family and I appreciate everyone's help and hope to see everyone again, wish we could have had burgers and drinks but the wife wasn't feeling good and needed some rest so we had to cut out early. See everyone next time

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    Thank you Eddie and Cindy for this awesome trip. I can’t thank you guys guys enough for sharing the wealth of knowledge you have in this hobby of ours. And also the WAYALIFE team, thank you for all your help as well. And lastly, love listening to all the crazy stories you guys had.

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    Echoing what most folks have already said here. Had an absolute blast wheeling with everyone. Thanks again Eddie and Cindy for doing what you do. Can’t wait for the next run!IMG_6877.jpg

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    Good time with some good folks! Thanks Eddie and Cindy for all you guys do! 🍻

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    WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run 2018 - SIGN UP

    Yesterday was such an awesome time... Being one of the only stock Jeeps I never felt out of place.... And I was never forced to tackle an obstacle I didn’t want to. Eddie & Crew made me feel right at home. I learned a lot and was very humbled by the experience... here’s where I got Bit:

    New Rock Skins & Evo Sliders will fix this
    Buckled the Rear bumper.... Evo 1/4 pounder and rear Fascia should be here any day now....
    Time for Lift, Wheels & Tires...

    No problems... Only Solutions!
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    Great weekend with some old and new friends. Thank you Eddie and Cindy for your always gracious hospitality.
    Till next time be safe and god bless.

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    Thanks Cindy and Eddie for another great New Year's Run. Liked meeting new jeepers and seeing old friends.

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