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Thread: WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run 2020 - (Postponed)

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    It would be great if you can make it happen this year.
    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    It's different every year and based on nothing more than what we're feeling like at the time. MOST of the runs are just easy sightseeing runs but sometimes, we throw in some rocks. It just depends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rubiDave View Post
    How many more miles do you need on the gears?

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    I think 225 or less. Hoping to get it done in the coming days. I want to get them broken in and do a freeway speed test to check for rear DS vibes before installing the front shaft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weebz View Post
    Those guys all sucked. Lol
    Quote Originally Posted by Ddays View Post
    Bunch of jackasses

    Yeah especially that one jerk who broke his shit and had to be rescued.

    Damn loser 😂🤪

    This sounds fun too bad NV is so far from OKLAHOMA
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    Having gone on the 2019 kickoff run, and having met some awesome people there, I'd love to join in on another run soon!

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