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  1. TacPen's Love for wayoflife Thread
  2. dahreno Loves Eddie
  3. CombatVetJK Saying Goodbye to WAYALIFE... sort of
  4. wayoflife Love Letter from Bigblake58
  5. Showroom Showing His Support and Love for Wayoflife
  6. what's with the hate from other forums & bob-o12jk / jeeplover????
  7. Why was my thread deleted?
  8. Prime8 is always right thread...
  9. JK-Forum Moderator kh202 Love for wayoflife is now back as jkrulz
  10. If You Don't Think Like jeek.olllllllo - You're an Asshat
  11. CT Performance Says to Learn from Other Forums - wayoflife is Biased!
  12. Way of gay and project gay k wont be missed - by Maertz
  13. Howdy... Cya
  14. Just wanted to confirm and I did - wayoflife is a douchebag
  15. Being a douche on Wayalife is the new getting banned...
  16. DCR JEEP says "Fuck you gook"
  17. sPOD : Honesty, Integrity and the Lack Thereof
  18. Thanks to our female member Army_Vet
  19. A Thank You to my Hater Fan 05 Impreza STI
  20. Facebook Fanpage Post for Me From Tackerdown
  21. Anyone with Any Knowledge Can't Stand wayoflife!
  22. Extreme Terrain Illegally Selling Copyrighted JK Decals
  23. wayoflife is an Evo whore & get free parts for bending over & taking it from behind
  24. Just Here to Stir the Pot
  25. Mod, please delete my account
  26. You guys are a band of bitches - Now can my ass dipshit
  27. To Eddie & The Minions of This Forum
  28. I would love to shove my diamond studded 4x4 shifter up wayoflife's royal arse!
  29. I am a Forum Messiah here to Save All You Eddie Minions
  30. At the risk of being banned ala JKF days of old
  31. Morris4x4 Plagiarizing WAYALIFE (Apology Made)
  32. Fallen Heros Jeep - Eddie is Anti-Veterans
  33. R U STUCK - I Sell Jeeps To All You Peeps
  34. Eddie - I'm gonna crush your jeep and your stupid ankle biting dog!
  35. No wonder people bash this site..
  36. 2007blackJk - I'm not known for starting shit on any forum
  37. You told me to get bent because I had parts on my jeep form vendors that dont pay you
  38. It's a perceived fact that wayoflife pimps EVO and shuns any alternatives!
  39. I'm still liquid for 100k smartass
  40. How many people really read the fourm rules - It's a waste of time!
  41. Sok66 / Jerry McGeorge - Eddie is a Dick and I Have PROUDLY BEEN SELF Banned Again
  42. Giving you guys a chance & here's my wave - "fuck you"
  43. Why is there so much drama at WAL? Kinda ridiculous
  44. I'll be at moab this year , you can come and tell how you feel in person
  45. Wayalife is a joke and you clearly don't understand the true concept of Jeeping
  46. Old Man that Likes to be a Troll
  47. Delete me from the site - I won't be posting anymore anyway
  48. No wonder your forum and yourself gets such a bad rep
  49. This forum has no reputation - seems like a bunch of dicks
  50. Here to PIMP JCRoffroad - gotta rep where you work right?!
  51. everyone here is immature
  52. The Kool-Aid is Strong Over Here
  53. Come pull my pony tail while my minions suck my Chinese pecker if they can find it
  54. How do you decide which one gets to pull the pony tail n who's left to cup the balls
  55. Eddie you're a straight up ASSHOLE !
  56. Bitter taste about this forum...
  57. I came back from the dead specifically to troll on wayalife.
  58. I am a Forum Messiah here to save you from yourselves and the fanboy-fest
  59. This place sucks, but I like reading the pictures...
  60. Pee Pee Lucas: Worst Troll EVER
  61. F#@k your forum and f@#k you too
  62. See Past the Koolaid - Who else got an open text solicitation?
  63. I could not stand much more of it, and decided to contribute elsewhere
  64. Sounds to me like your just as much of an asshole as everyone else on here!
  65. Markw13/Albino Lizard chooses not to associate with this form!
  66. STEER SMARTS has been Removed from WAYALIFE
  67. Northridge4x4 - REMOVED AS A VENDOR
  68. Extreme Terrain Ripping Off WAYALIFE...Again!
  69. Don't bother banning me.....I'll see myself out, thanks - Sh0rtBus
  70. 13 jk front and rear rubicon axles in so cal
  71. MetalCloak Game-Change 2.5" Lift - 6-Pack Edition
  72. Seriously you guys know you are the laughing stock of the jeep world right?
  73. Looking for a big dick for my new Jeep
  74. I'm leaving the group because a good friend of mine was disrespected
  75. Well at least we know why you have been removed from the jk experience
  76. Most of the members on this site are shit talkers
  77. A Douche is Just a Shower: Vive La France
  78. Just like every other forum. My stupidity for thinking this one would be different
  79. Just here to sell shit
  80. Here to PIMP my Jeep Podcast & Events
  81. people talk crap about this forum a lot and i have have never understood why
  82. Eddie Should Run a Forum for Me Because I'm a Badass
  83. Ryldup thought this was different than all the other douchebag sites out there
  84. Ah, that's how this place got it's reputation huh
  85. Good Bye
  86. I told myself that I would put aside everything I heard on the internet about WAL
  87. Its like Kindergarten around here with these fanboys
  88. Since I'm probably going to be band again hears a little nugget for you
  89. Fully expect to be banned
  90. They don't ban here. King retard just hands out retard titles
  91. Eddie - You're seriously the laughing stock of the community
  92. I am desperate for my Jeep
  93. This will be my last post here as sometimes the shoe just doesn't fit
  94. You can fuck off too, you and your pedofile ass school, you're lower than dirt
  95. I work for Next Venture Motorsports and I'm here to PIMP it
  96. I heard this board was a wasteland of sarcasm and a real bunch of ass holes
  97. I find these forums full of smart-ass ass holes like yourself. Go fuck yourself
  98. I'm Baddasserer Than Everyone
  99. Please help a fellow Wayalifer win a Yeti
  100. jk_jeepsofamerica shows how to properly remove "gayolife" decals
  101. How do I get free parts from vendors so that I can wheel like Eddie
  102. who was it causing drama? Oh yea...
  103. Ill delete my account
  104. This Thread is not awkward at all
  105. They dont like it when you promote your business without paying
  106. I noticed that BS right away when I joined this "community"
  107. Very upset and disappointed with your crappy ignorant and unresponsible followers
  108. Worry About Yourself, Fucking web wheelers.
  109. Hot poker dealer :)
  110. Looks like all the little ladies have wet there pants
  111. The rules don't apply to me, stop by my booth
  112. You guys are a Bunch of Cock Gobblerz
  113. How much for your wife's boobs?
  114. I do represent OX and I made a post which is against the rules - but...
  115. Hey Eddie, you're a douche bag and everyone knows it!
  116. Being a douchebag isn't my "wayalife"
  117. How many posts do I have to have before I can be an asshole on WOL?
  118. That's BS
  119. NIB doesn't mean used, you dips-hit.
  120. ban me will ya, I gota get off of this shitty forum
  121. Man this placed turned into Pirate 4x4 x 100! Delete... what a shame
  122. I agree there are a bunch assholes on this website
  123. Oh my, this group is nothing like I had been following for years.
  124. I'm going to delete the app, list your email as spam & unsubscribe from your youtube
  125. Here to pimp my video and two members support me
  126. Y'all are fucking stupid. Go fuck yourselves.
  127. without people like me you would only have the same 10 people in your circle-jerk
  128. This is a circle jerk of your own biases
  129. JKO sent me here and they're right. This entire forum is ridiculous
  130. Rules? Yea, ok didn't know this was a female only site
  131. Uconnect 6.5 Mirroring
  132. Strange that you Wayalife would bark at me like you had sand in your pussy
  133. Lots of super-sensitive, man-bun types here I see.....
  134. I may be starting to understand why people flee this forum all the time
  135. Opinions arent allowed on this forum unless it's for something made by a sponsor
  136. Next time I see Eddie I'll bitch slap him and laugh
  137. Jailbreaker Connect
  138. I'm a dushe bag n I'll get in on this!
  139. ...y'all must be these protesters that are draining this country...
  140. Here to pimp my Jeep and willing to break the rules to do so
  141. Forums are just stacked decks of dick pics and everyone tries pull a better card
  142. Some MOD has deleted a bunch of post and altered the rest
  143. Happy Birthday, longarmwj!
  144. Agreed, this is was a shit move, I'm surprised...
  145. I guess acting like dicks is your wayalife.
  146. Eddie, the way you interact with people on here - you would've gotten you fired
  147. Everyone knows Eddie is the biggest tool in the industry - MOTOBILT
  148. I'll look for your rat tail Eddie. I would love to meet you
  149. I really don't wanna be associated with any of you assmonkeys
  150. Help with emojis
  151. Not sure where to post this hater thread
  152. I see why so many people talk shit about this forum
  153. Not trying to be part of the community. Just using the perks for my onw benefits
  154. Your stuff is overpriced. Allow me to pimp my favorite shop.
  155. Bunch of assholes that can't take a joke. You guys suck.
  156. I gave you guys a shot (despite what I was told)
  157. Didn't know you all were so damn sensitive ...No one really reads "rules " to a forum
  158. Fuck this gay ass forum, Ill sell it on the streets faster
  159. Fords rock the desert like no jeep can
  160. I just got to work tho. So it's been fun.
  161. As a Jeepr, I am very dissapointed in the whole Wayalife experience
  162. I am waiting.
  163. Must be real cool to be a part of the wayalife squad
  164. You keep working and paying my retirement!
  165. Also why everyone is have hard time here?
  166. Only resident dickbags can call-out or say anything bad about someone else
  167. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited Electronic Swaybar (a.k.a)Smartbar
  168. Guess your reputation around the web is accurate.
  169. Just a thank you
  170. Like photos
  171. Maybe ur comments back up the highest bidder
  172. Whatever dude, the stick is deep in you.
  173. 2014 Rubicon Axles complete
  174. Wow now I remember why I stick to the other forum.
  175. More fucking drama on this stupid fucking forum than Facebook. Fuck this place.
  176. cause i'm a real man and i stand my ground and have a right to have my own opinion
  177. Eddie, You don't understand a damn technical thing about your Jeep
  178. I'm going to go ahead and delete my account, you guys are ridiculous
  179. New To The Forum and I Got Caught Lying!
  180. But I think I'll hang out a bit, unless you want to ban me?
  181. Always a feeling about this site
  182. Check out BlackForestGear by Webasto.....Go Fuck Yourself
  183. Editing my post to put a female emoji in its place doesn't leave much for speculation
  184. Jeep Wrangler Oil Change Wrench
  185. Go and shove evo up your ass and get over yourself
  186. Evo Plush coils and King Shocks
  187. A site full of condescending, egotistical children, quick to crucify a new member
  188. All the dip shit, Eddie kool-aid drinking queers of WAYALIFE!
  189. Weren't for folks like me you might not get free stuff anymore
  190. Bunch of assholes. You spent this much time flaming me for something so insignificant
  191. Butthurt Fuckery - Cougar Buttes Badasses - Body Damage Expected
  192. Fuck your Jeep wave WAYALIFE. You guys are dicks.
  193. Toyo Open Country MTís - 40Ē - 13.50Ē - 17Ē Wheel
  194. Someone speaks against something the almighty Eddie says and it's bash time
  195. The saddest thing I can think of right now is getting to 99 posts and someone coming
  196. I drive a real Jeep, like we used to defeat the Jews in WW2
  197. Bye Bye Wayalife
  198. People suck sometimes and vandalized shit for no reason
  199. Donít worry Eddie the proper authorities have been contacted
  200. No need to ban me, I'll see myself out
  201. Grown men bickering like little girls. This is my last post on your forum.
  202. Do I give a fuck what some fat hillbilly thinks of my grille?
  203. I’m deleting wayalife app!
  204. new trend?
  205. This forum is full of whiny fucking babies
  206. What a bunch of redneck, racist, ignorant, hateful assholes you are.
  207. Assholes seem to be a reoccurring topic on this forum:
  208. Just replying to a want add & get bitches replying back
  209. Acted like the TYPICAL WAY O LIFE JERK OFF
  210. No shit dumbass. That’s why I posted here and not Craigslist
  211. I must have missed the posting rules about links
  212. Iíve avoided this place for some time, guess I should stick to my convictions...
  213. You people suck. Delete my account, I want no part of this troll fest.
  214. What you have in here a low end forum, with some on youtube and that's it
  215. Try to get Eddieís dick out of you mouth
  216. Best tie brands that sell on eBay
  217. Furious 7...
  218. got a little IG with about 5K jeepers
  219. Back in the day I did kill folks for a living
  220. Eddie why are you a dick to anyone that's posts something
  221. I feel privileged to be accosted by the Wayalife clique.
  222. I came across some information about you and do not want to associate myself with you
  223. Douche of the Day
  224. Just a group of apathetic losers. Great way to run a forum.
  225. Sorry if trying to get rid of perfectly good parts offends you so fuck you too
  226. Gold Metal Detector
  227. Michigan Auto Accident Attorney
  228. I believe Iíll find another forum.
  229. Saying hi and sharing some info
  230. No need for the condescending attitude.
  231. JKU Bestop Trektop NX Glide
  232. Project Felicity: 06 TJ Wrangler RHD V2403 Kubota Diesel Swap
  233. But I'll glady pinch a loaf in your toxic mouth
  234. I see this is a pathetic forum
  235. Another anon circle jerk. Have fub with that guys, your ďjokesĒ are shit
  236. Can anybody give me working XEvil program???
  237. I want real guys...
  238. Can I meet here real guys?...
  239. The outer diameter I have seen can reach an incredible 48 inches
  240. I feel so superior without even trying.
  241. Finally...
  242. Last I recall itís a jk forum. Talking shit with a wj lol
  243. Eddie will probably shit on me, but here's the link.
  244. FREE HAT to the first person who actually offends us!
  245. CBD Oil
  246. By the way I am an asshole. You have no idea of the asshole I can be.
  247. Yep. Today is gonna be one of those days...
  248. As long as you sleep well knowing your forum is protected for the noobs.
  249. Delete the post so I don't have to hear stupid comments from all the off road experts
  250. I probably make more money than half the people on this site.