PIPPI on the Rocks Testing Her Rubicon Sway Bar Disconnect

In spite of what so many seem to think, you don’t need a big built up Jeep to go wheeling on the rocks. Sure, there are limits as to what you can do but even in a bone stock JL Wrangler 2-Door Sport running a set of street tires, you’d be amazed at just how capable they really are. Of course, they do come with a solid front axle and that means you can disconnect the front sway bar to obtain a lot more axle articulation or what some people refer to as, FLEX! And, to help make the disconnecting process a lot faster and easier on Pippi, Cindy and I decided to install a used Rubicon sway bar disconnect with an EVO No Limits knob and in this video, you’ll get to see us put it to use and test it out on a trail with some challenging rocks.

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