More than just a Jeep – It’s a way of life!

“wayoflife” is a moniker that I’ve been using for 20 years now and I chose it because I think it does a great job of explaining, in simple terms, the passion I have for Jeeps and the Jeep way of life. This is a lifestyle that transcends age, gender and race as the only thing you need to be a part of it is a love for the outdoors, a desire to explore, a yearning to take on a challenge and a will to conquer it. Over the years, Cindy and I have attempted to capture the essence of this lifestyle through photographs and videos and share it with others around the world. And, this is how WAYALIFE was born.

In the past, WAYALIFE was more of a personal website/blog that we kept regarding ALL our jeeps and the Jeep way of life. Thanks to our YouTube videos, we have been seeing more and more of fans come in that don’t have JK’s and we thought it would be nice to continue the tradition of WAYALIFE and make it more open to them – ALL Jeeps.

Eddie Oh (wayoflife) – Editor/Photographer/Administrator
Cindy Oh (bleedbeat) – Photographer/Videographer/Administrator

The Heart & Soul
Cindy and I were born and raised in Southern California and, at the time this was written, have been married for over 20 years. Up until recently, we had lived in South Orange County but our love for the outdoors and exploring the byways, backroads and trails across the west has lead us to our new home in Carson City, Nevada.

The Path We Took
If you can believe it, I graduated from SCI-Arc and have a BA degree in architecture. Soon after graduating, I went to work for an architectural firm and lasted there about half a year before calling it quits and, starting up a graphic design office with Cindy. From there, we got involved in the printing industry and for a period of time, had shop located in downtown Long Beach. We eventually sold that business to get more involved in website development and it was only until recently that our love for Jeeps went from being a weekend hobby to becoming our whole way of life.

How We Got Here
When I first met Cindy, we used to explore everywhere we could in her guttless 1.3L 1984 Honda CRX and take black and white photographs. As time progressed, we found ourselves pushing farther and farther into trails we really shouldn’t have been on and, before we knew it, we became Jeep owners. Over the years, we’ve owned and built up a 1981 CJ7, a 2000 TJ Sport, a 1994 2-Door XJ, a 1997 4-Door XJ, a 2007 JK Rubicon Unlimited, a 2009 JK Unlimited X, a 2007 JK Sahara 2-Door, a 2012 JK Rubicon Unlimited, a 1972 J2000 Pick-Up Truck, a 1969 C101 Jeepster Commando, a 1954 Willys CJ3B, a 1974 CJ5 Renegade and more recently, a 2015 BU Renegade Trailhawk.

Other Projects
In addition to WAYALIFE, we’ve been responsible for the creation and development of, (sold in 2011 to Internet Brands),, and

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18 Responses

  1. Will Meneses says:

    Never explored this part of your site. Its cool to read the history of how this site came to be. Thank you for all you do to educate and inform this weekend warrior about his Daily Driver / weekend toy ( when I can make it to the trails) i believe I’m more educated because of this site……..Thank You both

  2. Rick Humphrey says:

    just found this blog, living in Reno the dealer here says wait won’t order it says theres no prices and options not showing up correctly, for the new jl……. but as I visit this site I see people you have to be a vip to get these to order it. thanks guys love your website

  3. Rick Humphrey says:

    you got it eddie

  4. Rick Humphrey says:

    Eddie got a name maybe for the new jl, Rock A salt

  5. Michael Reff says:

    Hey Way of Life! Are you the Jeeper who posted a long time ago on the JK forum about all your problems with losing your extended service contract? I am having the same issue and would like some advice.

    • wayoflife says:

      I am the same guy but I didn’t lose my “extended service contract”, my Jeep was “flagged” as a form of retribution from the dealership I was using. They were unhappy that I gave them a poor mark on the customer survey and made it so that my factory warranty was voided. I was able to prove this to Chrysler and they reversed the flag.

  6. Jared Hunt says:

    Eddie & Cindy, I am a huge fan of all your work, but especially your videos. They encompass and epitomize THE WAYALIFE…the jeep community’s camaraderie. I appreciate you guys for starting Project JK and continuing to promote and support the Jeep community. I have dreamt of riding alongside you guys out west one day. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Once I get full float axles and 37s. Anyway, kudos aside, I am curious to know what video editing software you currently use/recommend for the prosumer? I’ve wanted to learn about video production for a while and would be grateful for any tips/advice you are willing to share.

  7. Mike says:

    Thanks for all the information you put out to the Jeepin world. Wanted to know if the RS5000’s would work on a JL Rubicon with a 3.5” coil spacer lift.

    • wayoflife says:

      You could probably get your stock shocks to “work” but the amount of droop you’ll have will be limited. These Rancho shocks are made to fit 2.5″ of lift and so they’ll have about 1″ less droop for you.

  8. Rhoderick Ramirez says:

    i love your videos and i always watch it again and again and your Jeep as well. im a jeep fanatics. Im from Philippines.

  9. mike fronefield says:

    hi mike here i love the fossil trip can i come along next time ? p.s i have a2017 jku

  10. Adam says:

    Hi Eddie and Cindy. I’m super excited to have come across your site. I have a couple of specific questions for you regarding Rusty. Do you have an email address I could reach you at?

  11. tellico4x4 says:

    I truly admire you because you and your wife have the same passion. I am also a person who loves jeeps. I hope we can meet one day and conquer the roads together.

  12. Beegle says:

    Helo Cindy and Eddie,
    Great work on all your stuff. I love your videos and they get me all hot and bothered for more jeepin.
    I have a modified 1974 CJ5 that loves a good flogging on occasion.
    Question, My GPS died and was wondering what you would suggest for a replacement.
    Have a great day, keep up the good work!

    • wayoflife says:

      Glad to hear you enjoy our videos! Very cool that you have a 74 CJ5 too. Regarding GPS, I would recommend downloading Gaia or On X Offroad for your phone.

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