EMMA : 1969 Jeep C101 Jeepster Commando – White

WAYALIFE : EMMA - Jeep C101 Jeepster Commando
Part car, part truck, part convertible but all Jeep, the C101 or Jeepster Commando was truly a misfit in the Jeep family and considered by some to be the ugly step child in the family. It may be for this very reason that Cindy and I have always love them and had been keeping an eye out for one ever since moving up to Carson City. As luck would have it, we found exactly what we were looking for around town and on August 3, 2015, we brought home Emma, a bone stock 1969 Jeepster Commando complete with hard top and a ton of personality.

225 Dauntless V6 Engine
TH400 Automatic Transmission
Dana 20 Transfer Case

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  1. Wayne Erickson says:

    Keep an eye on the front driveshaft carrier bearing housing. Mine went out, vibrated a bolt out of the transfer case, dropping the gear oil. I traded it immediately for a 72 CJ5.

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