Exploring Nevada’s Explosive Past

Pretty much right in the middle of the State of Nevada and about half way between the towns of Tonopah and Ely, there lies two off-road destinations about 20 miles apart and both of which were created by massive explosions. The first is a huge bowl shaped hole in the ground known as the Lunar Crater and the second is the location of a nuclear test site known as, Project Faultless. In this short video, you’ll get to follow us on our adventure to explore these two, unique to Nevada sites, with our good friends Tony and Stephanie and in our trusty little Jeep Renegades.

This is the first in a series of new short videos we hope to produce highlighting the rich history and the amazing places you can see in our beautiful state or, what we like to refer to as, Nevada’s Silver Lining. We hope that you enjoy our presentation.

Special thanks goes out to our good friends Tony and Stephanie for helping us to film the footage that you see in this video.

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