JEEPIN JAUNTZ – Claim Your Destiny / Massive Las Vegas Desert PBR Beer Can

One of the best parts about traveling across America, especially if you’re willing to hop off the Interstate, is being able to see all the cool, quirky and historic roadside attractions that you can find all along the way. Of course, making jaunts like these are always lot easier and I might add, a hell of a lot more fun, if you can do it in a Jeep! In this episode of JEEPIN JAUNTZ, we’ll take you out to an old railroad water tank located just north of Las Vegas and that’s been painted by graffiti artists to look like a massive PBR or Pabst Blue Ribbon can. We hope you enjoy the video and we hope that you’ll be able to, Claim Your Destiny!

JEEPIN JAUNTZ is an all new video series that Cindy and I have started to highlight short excursion and cool places that you can visit in a stock Jeep. While most of these videos will involve at least some amount of time off road, not all of them will as our primary focus will be about the destinations we take you to.

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