OP ED : Are 5.13 Gears Needed with 37 Inch Tires on a JL Wrangler… and MORE

I get a lot of people asking me a ton of questions on a regular basis and rather than let them get lost somewhere in cyberspace, Cindy and I decided to start answering them on our YouTube channel and in an all new series we’re calling, OP ED. Essentially, we’ll be creating videos where you’ll get to hear exactly what I think and get my 2ยข on all sorts of topics regarding Jeeps and all based on the questions I’ve been getting. In this very first episode of OP ED, I’ll be taking on the question of, “do I need to re-gear my JL Wrangler with 37″ tires?” As an added BONUS, you’ll even get to see something special, a kind of easter egg and totally unrelated to gears or tires, if you stick around to the very end. We hope you enjoy.

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