Jeep Find Your Freedom Gladiator Contest Submission – DIRECTOR’S CUT

For those of you who’ve been wondering, the answer is YES, Cindy and I will be getting a brand new, 2020 Jeep JT Gladiator. In fact, we actually placed an order for one of the special, Launch Editions and because of it, we were eligible to enter into the contest. Essentially, we were given the chance to submit a short video that explained what we would do with our new Gladiator if we got paid $100,000 and took a year off of work. The only catch was, the video could only be 60-75 seconds long and the one we wanted to submit, ran just a bit long. Of course, we were able to edit things down and make it work but we thought you might appreciate seeing what our original director’s cut would have looked like in all it’s 105 second glory. We hope you enjoy.

To Jeep, Cindy and I would like to thank you for giving us a chance to enter your awesome contest. And, to the other 4,189 people who did the same – we sincerely wish you the best of luck!

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  1. brad says:

    new member getting new gladiator rubicon too not special addition one build the way i wanted ordering 6-27-20019 like vidioes you make hope to here from you brad

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