MILD 2 WILD : 2019 JEEP EXPERIENCE at Katemcy Rocks Texas – PART 1

Although the Nitto Jeep Experience presented by KMC Wheels is an annual off road Jeep event that’s been going on since 2016, I’m actually sorry to say Cindy and I had never attended one or at least, not until now. Of course, it does take place right in the middle of Texas and and getting there isn’t exactly a hop skip and a jump for us. There was also the question of, what kind of wheeling could there possibly be out in Texas? Well, for those of you who’ve never been, what I can tell you is that the wheeling at K2 or Katemcy Rock is nothing short of AWESOME! I mean, who knew there were big ass rocks in Texas, with tons of grip and with crazy fun obstacles ranging from MILD 2 WILD! As they like to say out there, it really is the “Moab of Texas”!

In this first of a 2 Part Series, you’ll get a glimpse of the epic 24 hour drive that we made from Carson City, Nevada to Mason, Texas and you’ll get to see some of the cool pre-run footage that we were able to get of the badass EVO Jeep Gladiator, taking on the rocks – Texas style! We hope you enjoy.

As an added BONUS, highlight photos from the 2019 Jeep Experience can be seen on the link below:

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