2016 WAYALIFE Rockin Rubicon Run

Rubicon Trail
Summer simply wouldn’t be complete for Cindy and I without at least one trip up the Rubicon Trail and for 2016, we would have the pleasure of having JeepFan & Gem Hunter, Trail Bud, JAGS, BitBucket, KICKROX & Chely, Slavens, benatc1 & Alex, NevadaZielmeister, Aspenkid & Ryley, jesse3638 & Lisa, cav♤fighter & Jacob and H2OJNKY and Gaby and their kids join us for the run. Keeping the group small this time around with just 13 total Jeeps, it was by far one of the best runs we’ve had in years. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snap as many photos as I would have preferred but if you click on the link below, you can see a few shots of all the fun we had. Hopefully the others in our group will post up their photos as well and to help fill in the blanks. I hope you enjoy.

2016 WAYALIFE Rockin Rubicon Run Photo Highlights

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