MAJESTIC MOJAVE – 2021 WAYALIFE New Year’s Kick Off Run

For about as long as I can remember, Cindy and I have been kicking off a new year of wheeling by heading out to the Mojave, soon after the New Year and to do a bit of exploring in our Jeep. Over the years, this simple off-road excursion of ours grew into an full fledged event and one that we began to invite our friends and members of the WAYALIFE forum joined us on. These were easy overland adventures that anyone could do, even in a stock Jeep and they would give us a chance to share and show some of the cool and amazing thing that you can only find out in this majestic desert. On this particular trip, we covered about 70 miles all on dirt and visited old mines, a historic airway beacon, an underground ghost town and checked out a mysterious object out in the middle of nowhere that I like to call, the flying saucer. We hope you enjoy seeing all the fun we had.

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