SEMA 2019 – DAY 4 / AFE / Rancho / Tuffy / Synergy & MORE

Our final day at the 2019 SEMA Show was a busy one for us as we tried to get in as many manufacturers as we could before everything came to an end. To kick off our day, we ran over to Central Hall, the main hall or what I like to refer to as the epicenter of the show and to meet up with aFe Power who wanted to show us their new coilovers, bypass shocks, air intake system, exhaust systems and even a cool new grill insert that comes complete with off-road lights. From there, we cross the hall and made a quick stop over at S&B to see if they did anything new with the particle separator they showed off last year and then headed over to our good friends at Rancho to see what they had on display for the Gladiator truck. After paying a quick visit over at Tekton tools, we made our way back in to the Off-Road Hall and hooked up with Tuffy Security to see the storage box and bed cover they got a couple awards for and then wrapped up our day at Synergy where we got a close up look at their awesome 2-door JL Wrangler with long arm kit installed. Whew! We hope you enjoy.

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