ESSENTIAL TRAVEL because this is America – Land of the FREE

In spite of what many seem to think (including our wonderful governor Sisolak), there really is a whole lot more to the state of Nevada than just Las Vegas. In fact, a vast majority of it is over 70 million acres of wide open country and where most of the people who live in it, have been purposefully social distancing for well over 150 years. Needless to say, the whole idea of “sheltering in place” or limiting our travel to only what’s “essential” seems a bit ridiculous or at least, to us anyway. Also, this is still America, “land of the free” and last I checked, enjoying our public lands is not a crime. And, it is for this reason that Cindy and I have been doing just that – getting out in our Jeep every chance we get and enjoying our great state. To us, this IS essential travel and in this short video, you’ll get to see us explore a length of historic super highway, a route that thousands of Americans traveled across on their way to California over 170 years ago. While they didn’t have to deal with a Chinese corona virus called COVID 19, they did have a few other little things to deal with like smallpox, measles, mumps, cholera and tuberculosis. Guess they just made them a lot tougher back then. Anyway, I know it isn’t much of anything but we hope you enjoy it just the same.

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