What Should be the First Mod?

Bigger tires? Maybe a lift? How about a bumper and winch? The list goes on and on and they’re all related to the one question that I get asked all the time, especially from people who are new to Jeeps. “What is the very first mod I should do?” Fortunately, Jeep JL Wranglers are without question, the most capable off road vehicle that money can buy and right out of the box. And, if you have something like a Rubicon, there really isn’t anything more you’d need to get out on the trail and have a good time. But, what if you’ve got something basic like Pippi, our bone stock 2-Door JL Wrangler Sport? Well, my answer would be, the essentials! In this video, you’ll get to see what that is and why it’s the very first mod we made on her.

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